International Hospital Federation (IHF)

IHF launched in 1929 is a hospital league of 60 nations of member nations which assign headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland). Japan Hospital Association joins in 1956 and has become a member of a council 1965.

Asian Hospital Federation (AHF)

The Asian Hospital Federation was established in 1971, when the Philippines (Philippine Hospital Association, President Mayu) was elected as its first chair country and exchanges in the Asian region started. Currently, the members of the AHF include 12 countries and regions (Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan). The federation directors (3 from each country/region) from the Japan Hospital Association (JHA) are Dr. Tsuneo Sakai, President, Dr. Tsuguya Fukui, Chairman, International Committee, and Dr. Shinichiro Tsuchiya, Vice Chairman, International Committee.

Members list 2011/2013

Name Designation Tel/Fax No.
Australia Dr Paul Dugdale    
Hong Kong Dr Su Vui Lo Dir-Strategy & Planning, Hong Kong Authority T: 852-2300-7282
F: 852-2194-6893
Japan Dr Tsuneo Sakai JHA President T: +81-3265-0077
F: +81-3230-2898
Korea Dr Yoon Soo KIM KHA President  
Malaysia Dato' Dr Jacob Thomas AHF President
APHM President
T: 603-2284-1701
F: 603-2284-2701
Philippines Dr Ruben C Flores PHA Imm Past President
AHF President Elect
Taiwan Mr Han-Chuan Yang THA President  
New Zealand      
Support to WHO

Support to WHO

The JHA, together with the Japan Society of Health Information Management, is enhancing the cooperative relations with the ICD Office, Statistics and Information Department, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, that serves as the contact for the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The JHA provides support in economic and technological areas such as the updating to ICD-10 and revision of ICD-11 toward 2015 for the proper diffusion and education concerning ICD.